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Top 10 Best Egg Boilers in India

best egg boilers

Eggs are one of the most nutritious foods available to us. They have great health benefits to offer to every member of your family. However, cooking a perfect egg is challenging and has to be the first thing in the morning. That’s why we have got for you the best egg boiler in India which is going to take all your hassles of preparing eggs. And you are going to get that perfect egg every time you use it. Go ahead and treat your family to the healthiest and tastiest of foods cooked just as per your liking – soft, medium, or hard-boiled.

The office goers who need a no-nonsense way to boil eggs have electric egg boilers as a fantastic option as they get the job done without needing any constant attention. Plus, they automatically turn off when the eggs are done cooking and the eggs don’t crack when inside. Here is a list of some of the best egg boilers that you can buy considering your needs and their features.


Top 10 Best Egg Boilers in India 2021


1. KENT Super Egg Boiler (16069), 3 Boiling Modes


Prepare a healthy and quick breakfast and kick start your day with KENT Super Egg Boiler. This smart appliance is an easy and quick way to boil 6 eggs at a time of your choice – Soft, Medium, or Hard. The stainless steel flat heating plate and body ensures reliable performance and optimum durability. Also, its safety functions including automatic power turn-off and over-temperature protection make it a safe product, even your kids can use.


2. Simxen Egg Boiler Electric Automatic Off 7 Egg Poacher for Steaming


Simxen Multi-function Electric Egg Cooker 7 Eggs Capacity Auto-off Fast Egg Boiler Steamer Cooking Tools Kitchen Tools


3. MILTON Smart Egg Boiler – 360 Watt (Transparent and Silver Grey)


MILTON Home Appliances, from Hydro Valves, are serving Indian kitchens for over 25 years now. With more than 6 million happy customers using Milton home and kitchen appliances, we are passionately driven to make a positive impact on the lives we touch. We provide a wide range of appliances, cookware, and kitchen accessories.

Team at Milton Home Appliances continuously works on the product by listening to the feedback of the customers, to ensure innovative, safer products with more durability that customers can trust.


4. Shree Mart Double Layer Egg Boiler Electric Automatic Off 14 Egg Poacher for Steaming


Shree Mart Provide Double Layer Egg Boiler For Your Kitchen Makes Awesome


5. ORZIX 7 Electric Egg Boiler, Egg Steamer, Home Machine


ORZIX Egg steamer make perfect eggs everytime with just one touch.

Easy to used

Whats Included ?

About this item


6. KENT Egg Boiler-W (16053), 3 Boiling Modes, Stainless Steel Body


Boiling eggs without breaking them is difficult. If you too are not an expert in boiling eggs perfectly, KENT Egg Boiler-W is the right appliance for you. The smart kitchen appliance is ideal for boiling eggs in three different modes-soft, medium and hard with the touch of a button. Ideal for travelling, hostels as well as hotel rooms, KENT Egg Boiler-W can boil 7 eggs at a time.


7. Nova Family NEC 1530 350-Watt 7 Eggs Electric Egg Cooker (Blue)


Boasting a stainless steel body and equipped with a flat heating plate, this NOVA instant egg boiler simplifies and speeds up the way you prepare your plate of protein-rich eggs. The appliance’s portable design makes it suitable for use in homes, in hotel rooms and even in hostels.


8. U Uzan X2 Multifunction Poach Boil Electric Egg Cooker Boiler Steamer


This product will be an excellent pick for you. It comes in a proper packaging.

About this item


9. Inalsa Chic Instant Egg Boiler, 360 Watts, Steel Base



10. Nutricook Rapid Egg Boiler/Steamer/Egg Cooker-Gold





Till now, you have got to know about each smart egg boiler description with its pros and cons. It might not be a hard task for you to select the best oner from the above mentioned Top 6 best egg boilers in India.

From our side, we recommend Russell Hobbs Fully Automatic Egg Cooker for the durability and easy to clean purpose. It also has poached egg cups to boil the poached egg.

Or go for the Kent Instant Egg Boiler if you like to have the compact-sized and easily handled egg boiler. Moreover, it has 3 different options to boil the egg.

If you like to have the multi-purpose large egg boiler for a big family then Inalsa Gourmet Multi-Function Food Steamer & Egg Boiler is the best choice.

Still in the clouds of confusion then go through the following buyer guide that might help you

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