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Top 10 Best Water Purifiers in India

Best Water Purifiers

Water purifiers are a must-have in each home since they purify tap water and make it drinkable. These days, water purifiers have a multi-stage filtration mechanism that assures the water you drink is safe. It removes pollutants as well as bacteria and other contaminants. Having good quality water reduces the likelihood of being unwell. Because of their various sizes and styles, they can be easily accommodated in most kitchens. Their variety of sizes and designs makes them convenient to fit in most kitchens. We have listed some best RO water purifiers under an affordable price range that can take care of health and wellness.

In India, the water that comes out of the tap is safe to drink. This is in stark contrast to the majority of other countries on the planet. We’re quite fortunate. Water quality, on the other hand, is not uniform throughout India. The amount of lime in the water has a significant impact on its quality. We discuss how abrasive it is. You should use soft water with a little lime. Moreover, this is better for your own health and tastes better-filtered water. Buy a water filter? We’ve figured out what to look for when buying a water filter. You can also read what the best water filter of the moment is!


Top 10 Best Water Purifiers in India 2021


1. KENT Supreme 2020 (11111), Wall Mountable, RO + UF + TDS Control + UV


Bring home the latest KENT Supreme RO water purifier to protect your loved ones from harmful water-borne diseases. With Mineral RO Technology and an inbuilt TDS control system, KENT Supreme not only purifies water but also retains essential minerals.


2. Aquaguard Marvel Water Purifier with Patented Active Copper+RO+UV


This model is packed with superior design and advanced technology.It delivers optimum purification through its RO+UV+UF technology & the ultra filtration ensures an additional layer of purification to provide crystal clear water.


3. K. AQUA FRESH INDIA K200 Ultraviolet, Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier


R.k Aqua Fresh India comes with patented Mineral RO technology, which helps in retaining the essential minerals in water with the help of TDS Controller.


4. AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight RO+UV+MTDS water purifier


AquaSure Delight from Aquaguard, a compact and sleek purifier, is equipped with an advanced TDS regulator (MTDS),allowing you to easily adjust the taste of water as per the water source. Trusted by people across the nation and being one the most preferred brand in over 1500 cities, AquaSure ensures safe drinking water for millions of people.


5. HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver Mineral RO+UV+MF



6. Blue Star Excella 6 L RO + UV + UF Water Purifier, Black, EX5BLAM01



7. V-Guard Zenora RO+UF+MB 7 Litre Water Purifier With 7 Stage Purification and pH Balancer


About this item


8. Havells Max Alkaline 7 Litre Absoulety safe RO + UV


Havells has come up with an incredible range of water purifiers with 100% RO & UV purification for absolute purity of water. Featuring a stylish design and digital interface.

Havells Max Alkaline water purifier comes in a vibrant Pearl White and Navy blue color combination with a transparent water tank.


9. Konvio Neer Amrit RO + UV + UF + TDS Adjuster Water Purifier


As we live in pollution- ridden and highly toxic environment which can lead to a number of health issues, the advanced purification process removes dissolved impurities from the water making it safe for consumption. Konvio Neer presents Low Maintenance Advanced Water Purifier with 7 stages of reverse osmosis water purification resulting in safe and pure water.


10. Aquaguard Deluxe Water Purifier with Patented Mineral Guard+UV e-Boiling


A blend of modern design and advanced technology is what best defines Aquaguard Deluxe UV+ water Purifier. Its UV e-boiling technology ensures that every drop of water is as pure & safe as water boiled for 20+ minutes & the advanced Mineral Guard TM technology helps to retain essential natural minerals such as calcium & magnesium which provides mineral rich water.


Frequently Asked Questions


How water purifiers purify hard water?

Water purifiers contain water treatment devices,  Nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis technology to soften the hard water and to purify it.

What can we do to purify soft water?

Soft water is sweet in taste but it contains some bacterial contamination or water chlorination and to treat such water a smart purifier can be used that can kill any type of infection and will make water suitable for drinking.

Which technology and amount of power are consumed by the water purifier?

Modern RO uses Ultra-filtration(UF), Ultra Violet(UV), boiling, and reverse osmosis technology which generally consumes the power as consumed by electric light.

Is purifiers made up of plastic safe?

Yes, high-quality plastic is used to make purifiers as it is non-toxic and safe.

What can we do if the purifier gets an issue of leakage?

The first step is to turn off the power then close the water supply and check the cause of leakage. If you do not get any cause then contact the customer care.

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With a water filter, you drink better and safer water—ideal for yourself but also your (newborn) child. The water tastes softer and filters out heavy metals, chlorine and lime. It’s so nice. A water filter is always useful and doesn’t have to be expensive anymore. With minimal effort, you can significantly improve the quality of your drink. This applies not only when you drink water but also when you are having tea or coffee. And what about your baby’s baby food? You want to give your child a good start, and that starts with clean and safe drinking water.

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