Buying a Washing and Drying Machine for a Cheap Price, Only to Find that the Drying Capacity is 50% off?

Buying a Washing and Drying Machine

 This year, 618 collected all kinds of coupons and bought a washing and drying machine with a nominal capacity of 10KG at nearly 50% off. I was ecstatic and thought I got a big bargain. I just packed a pile of clothes in and washed it. After drying for 3 hours, I didn’t expect that not only was it not dried, but the clothes were crumpled…


01 The mentality bursts, the nominal 10KG drying capacity is only 6KG


    With a burst of mentality, I ran to read the comments for psychological comfort, but I didn’t expect that many people were in similar situations. I didn’t realize it until I saw the words “drying capacity 6KG” in “Specifications and Packaging”! Before I bought it, I looked at the product details without mentioning the drying capacity. It turned out that the actual drying capacity was a “fracture” for me.

I bought a washing and drying machine for cheap, but found that the drying capacity was “broken”? 

    After testing several times, I found that the actual data is still lower than the nominal data. The clothes should not be too full during washing and drying. I really want to dry the clothes. At most, one quilt cover + sheets.


02 The main function of washing and drying is washing, not drying.


    The reason for choosing a washing and drying machine is that the space in the home is not large enough. The second is that the functions of the two machines can be fixed for the price of one machine. The third is that the clothes do not need to be dried separately after washing. Get it straight. Save with Currys NHS discount code And  Currys discount code nhs

    But this is not the case. Most all-in-one washing and drying machines with a value of less than 10,000 yuan use (water) condensation drying. The internal space of the washing machine is so large. In addition to the standard motor, inner cylinder, drain pump, and counterweight of the washing machine, a heating tube is also added. , Condensing components, drying capacity must be discounted a lot. Generally, a 10kg washing machine can only dry 6kg, and the inner drum volume is 70 liters, while the 10kg inner drum volume of the stand-alone clothes dryer reaches 125 liters! 

    In addition, the principle of condensation drying also determines its unsatisfactory drying effect. The washing and drying integrated machine blows a high temperature of 70°C into the inner cylinder through a heating tube to take away the moisture on the clothes, and then through the condensation device (cold water), the moisture in the hot and humid air is condensed into liquid and discharged. This way of drying clothes by “evaporation” takes a long time . The condensing device actually relies on cold water to cool down and consumes a lot of water (some even more than the water used in washing). However, due to the lack of stretching space and the relatively high temperature, the clothes are prone to wrinkles after drying.

    There is another point that everyone easily overlooks. Although the washing and drying machine has a fluff filter but no fluff collector , it is difficult to clean after filtration. If it is attached to the condenser in the long run, the hygiene problem is worrying and even affects the operating efficiency of the machine.

The internal structure of the condensation, washing and drying machine. Picture from Knowing @Wilson

    Why the integration of washing and drying has become the mainstream? The most important thing is that the business has grasped the pain points of consumption of two functions with one machine. The price is more than one or two thousand more than that of a pure washing machine, but the actual cost only adds a heating module, which is more profitable. “Fame and fortune”, so many manufacturers like to promote such products. Don’t miss Amazon promo code NHS and target promo code


03 Is there a better solution for washing and drying?


    Of course there is a heat pump type washing and drying machine. Simply put, a heat pump is a device for transporting energy, similar to an air-conditioning heat pump system. There are two lines of refrigerant circulation and air circulation:

Schematic diagram of two sets of energy circulation systems for heat pump dryers


    Refrigerant circulation:


    Compression machine (1) working the heated pressurized refrigerant into gas , through the condenser (2) and a gas into a liquid, releasing heat, which heat is transferred to the portion directly via the air passage (5) dryer. The liquid refrigerant flows through the capillary tube (3) to release the pressure and lower the temperature, and then is sent to the evaporator (4) to quickly reduce the pressure and temperature. The evaporator is connected to the air path, and the refrigerant absorbs heat to turn the humid hot air in the inner cylinder into dry cold The air and condensed water are collected by the drip tray (8).


    Air circulation:


    The heat released by the condenser (2) is transmitted to the dryer along the air path (5), and the clothes are heated and tumbled in the rolling (6), and the moisture in the clothes evaporates into water vapor, generating humid hot air, which passes through the filter (7) The clothing fluff is intercepted and then enters the evaporator (4). The moisture in the clothing is condensed into small water droplets, collected by the water collecting tray (8), and then sent to the water storage box (10) or discharged to the water outlet pipe.

    Two sets of different circulatory systems, but they exchange energy with each other, it’s quite magic…

The hot air blows to the wet clothes to take away the moisture (simulation display of the drying process)

    The drying temperature of the heat pump is basically controlled within 65 degrees, which is suitable for more fabrics and can greatly reduce the shrinkage due to overheating, and the dried clothes will become soft . Heat pumps usually have more than two layers of filtration, which can better filter out the fluffy debris . There is no need for cold water during drying, and it is not affected by ambient temperature. In addition, the heat pump dryer does not have electric heating, only transports energy, and the energy consumption is less than half of other types of dryers.

    Since the heat pump drying is so good, why is the application of this technology rarely seen in the washing and drying machine?

I bought a washing and drying machine for cheap, but found that the drying capacity was “broken”? 

    Compared with the 2-5K price of the condensing type, the heat pump type is basically more than 10,000 yuan, and it is destined that only a small number of consumers will choose it. In addition, the heat pump type has more parts than the condensing type. Taking into account the internal structural space, they are combined together. The volume is small and the thermal efficiency is low. If the volume is large, the advantage of integrating small space is lost. .

    The heat pump type washing and drying machine is well-made and there are several good recommendations, except that the premium is relatively high, the volume is slightly larger, and the performance is no different from the independent heat pump clothes dryer. The key is, one-click washing and drying, throw in the washing machine and take it out, you can wear it directly. Can you resist it?


    Haier Fibre, 13kg heat pump type washing and drying machine, cost-effective and good reputation: [JD flagship store purchase link]

    The domestic one started relatively late. This type of model is still a good Japanese brand. After experiencing the real estate bubble in the 1990s, they have a more extreme demand for the use of residential space. For example, Toshiba, Panasonic , Sharp and Hitachi all make such products, but the price is usually between 1.5-2.5w.


    Toshiba X6, 11 kg heat pump washing and drying machine, has a very good reputation: [Buy link at Jingdong flagship store]

    The above model is the Toshiba X6. The upgraded version of the Toshiba X9 has been released a few days ago. The spray system and the sterilization system have been upgraded, and the lint removal function of the heat pump drying has been further improved. Currently it is only available for sale in Japan, and the mainland market will also be launched as usual. You can wait.


    Panasonic Alpha, 10 kg heat pump washing and drying machine, ion technology sterilization and deodorization are Panasonic’s strengths: [JD flagship store purchase link]


    Sharp’s high-end washing and drying integrated machine is currently not available in China, but this ES-W113, using heat pump + heater dual drying, is the industry’s first integrated washing and drying drum washing machine with no waste heat discharge and automatic cleaning with a drying filter . With 7 kinds of sensors (light, weight, water level, bubble, humidity, temperature, vibration), the energy consumption and noise of washing are also very low, which is definitely a quality enjoyment.

    If you are not too frustrated, and the budget is high, Shang Nichia is 385,940 yen (RMB about 2.25w), plus 20% tariff and 500 yuan shipping. Local tyrants, please come… [Nichia purchase link]


04 Cost-effective washing and drying, also look at independent washing and drying


    Professional matters are entrusted to professional equipment. The reason why the washing and drying integration is so prevalent that independent washing and drying products can survive well, which just proves the irreplaceability of such products.

    Unless you want to lie down and sleep as soon as you get home, you don’t have time to take the laundry into the dryer. Then I recommend buying a separate washing and drying kit (or if you already have a washing machine at home, then buy a separate clothes dryer).

    If there is not enough space in the home, you can choose to stack them up and down, with the same washing volume, and the floor space is smaller than that of a washing and drying machine. And the independent clothes dryer 10KG is the actual drying capacity, unlike the washing and drying integration, which has to be discounted in half.

    The biggest obstacle may be price. Now there are many choices for the entry-level washing and drying machine products within 3,000 yuan, but what you don’t know is that washing and drying suits or independent clothes dryers also have a lot of people-friendly models, and they are also heat pump drying.


    Washing and drying set


    Around 5K


    Haier washing and drying kit (EG100B129W+GBNE9-A636) washing machine 10 kg capacity, BLDC inverter motor, clothes dryer 9 kg capacity, heat pump dryer, three-layer fluff filter, 8:1 forward and reverse.

    Little Swan Washing and Drying Kit (TG100V62WADY5+TH90-H02WY) 10 kg capacity washing machine, BLDC inverter motor. The clothes dryer has a capacity of 9 kg and is a heat pump dryer.




    Haier washing and drying set (EG100PRO6S+GBN100-636) washing machine with 10 kg capacity and BLDC inverter motor. The clothes dryer has a capacity of 10 kg, a heat pump dryer, 8:1 forward and reverse, and three layers of lint filtering.

    Xiaoji Washing and Drying Set (JW100-74NHQDZW) is a cutting-edge Internet home appliance brand. The R&D director is from Samsung, South Korea. The price-performance ratio and the quality are not bad. You can try it for early adopters. Washing machine with a capacity of 10 kg, DD direct drive inverter motor. The clothes dryer has a capacity of 10 kg and is a heat pump dryer.


    About 1W+


    Haier washing and drying set (EG100BDC189SU1+GBN100-189U1) 10KG+10KG combination, the washing machine adopts Fisher & Paykel direct-drive motor, automatic dispensing, pasteurization, and special cradle soft washing. Dryer 576mm large tube diameter, three-layer fluff filter, 8:1 forward and reverse

    Siemens washing and drying set (WM12P2602W+WT47W5601W) 10KG+9KG combination, German quality. The highlight of the BLDC variable frequency motor for washing machine is Siemens’ algorithmic intelligent perception system. The dryer supports intelligent self-cleaning and feather drying mode.


    Independent clothes dryer


    If you have already purchased a washing machine and need a clothes dryer, then you can directly start with a heat pump dryer. Different brands can also be stacked. Buy a stacking bracket and it is easy to get it.

    Many years of engineering experience is already perfect, and the technology of its own compressors and air conditioners can also play a unique role. The key is cost performance! Cost-effective! Cost-effective! Except that the noise is louder and the details are not perfect, everything else is fine.




    The pants brothers are still fresh in memory. Haier’s dryers are among the best domestic brands in terms of motors and drying program algorithms. The prices are also right. The key is that the after-sales service is really strong, and the speed of door-to-door service is not comparable.




    The first dryer brand to enter China has a high market share, but the product is also a toothpaste squeeze… But the core technology and material quality are still very reliable.




    In the past few years, South Korea’s white appliances have frequently broken out dark horses. Don’t think that Samsung is only doing semiconductors, and the technical strength of home appliances is also quite strong. Especially the double frequency conversion heat pump product with the hydrophilic aluminum foil with electronic expansion valve, it is still very careful.




    LG’s dual-rotor technology is now unique in martial arts. Jingdong’s high-end series are imported from South Korea, and the price is not much different from other regions, and there is no shrinkage or castration of core components.

    Local tyrants should often patronize this brand, a model of high-end quality and feelings. Helplessly, the mainland market is too competitive, and in recent years it has also joined the price war. The biggest feature is hard-core motor technology, high-quality craftsmanship and unique algorithms. Let the clothes also enjoy the eight-star SPA.


05 Write at the end


    The washing and drying machine is not very recommended, and the clothes dryer and washing machine are not necessarily the same brand. After all, the service cycle of washing machines and dryers is still very long. Practical, durable, and easy to use are always the first. If you have different opinions, please leave a message in the comment area.

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