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Switch to Spring Mattresses if the traditional foam mattress is not comfortable enough to offer a relaxed and sound sleep. The traditional spring mattress can make a dream bed with its resilient and breathable features. 

Innerspring Mattress is now way ahead of the overly spring or austere mattress you slept on during your childhood. Also, order online and get exclusive deals on Durfi mattress prices. 

Now, consider why you need a Spring Mattress and which one is the best to enjoy comfortable and relaxed sleep. 


Why Choose a Spring Mattress? 


Innerspring mattresses or spring mattresses make use of metal springs to offer an underlying layer of support. Further, the softer plush material layers are there for additional comfort. 

The spring mattress is particularly convenient for heavier people. Why? They seem to benefit from the coiled spring support system in comparison to the foam-based ones. 

The spring bed mattress comes with polyfoam or plush layers on the top and foam layers around the coils. Thus, the thickness, quality, and material influence the greater feel and comfort of the mattress. 

The coil gauge helps determine the thickness of the wire, which plays a major role in mattress firmness. Moreover, spring mattresses use a variety of springs to impact the support and comfort of the overall mattress. 


  • Highly supportive for heavier people compared to foam mattress
  • Provides Excellent Airflow for cooler Sleep Experience
  • Provide Firm Support
  • Responsive design
  • Relatively Affordable


  • Durability varies as per weight and size of sleepers
  • Sagging is common with mattresses


Exclusive Spring Mattresses to Choose From 


Choose from different types of Spring Bed Mattress ranging in coil thickness, quantity, and design. Further, the hybrid models include gel, memory foam, or latex for extra comfort.

Let’s cover the exclusive spring mattress and help you choose your bed with confidence. 


1. Durfi Memory Foam 8-inch Double Pocket Spring Hybrid Mattress


Durfi Hybrid Mattress provides the supreme sleep quality providing orthopaedic comfort. 

The mattresses designed specifically for Indian back come with a Tungsten carbide pocket coil sprung system. It functions to provide undisturbed sleep with the Cotton candy Memory foam layer beneath. 

What makes it uniquely different from other mattresses? It’s the unique fabric encased oil to react independently to pressure. 

The mattress will support every sleeping position and prevent the possibility of back pain. Further, the mattress reduces the motion transfer as you sleep with your partner. 

The Durfi Mattress price is available at no cost EMI if you choose to pay from Bajaj Finserve EMI Network Card. 

Why should you Buy it? 

  • Ultra-fresh Protection
  • Pocket Spring
  • Air-Flow Technology
  • EMI options available


2. Durfi 10-inch Double Pocket Spring Mattress


It’s time to hibernate to the goodness of sleep with the Durfi Bed Mattress. Couple-friendly, hyper-ventilated, medium soft, and cotton candy memory foam will provide you with utmost comfort while sleeping.

The ultra-fresh protection prevents microbial growth from encouraging a cleaner sleep environment. High GSM Knitted fabric prevents the growth of germs, allergies, and bacteria as the fabric is anti-bacterial. 

The pocket spring allows a more buoyant feel and reacts with pressure independently. 

The durfi mattress price is affordable when using an EMI card by the Bajaj Finserve EMI network. 


Why should you buy it?


  • Orthopaedic comfort
  • Available in three thickness
  • No flip mattress
  • Suitable for all weights
  • 10 years of warranty 


3. Boston Hotel Comfort, Bonnel Spring Mattress


Bonnell Spring Mattress is worthy of review due to its exceptional spring mattresses. The medium-firm mattress has a special quilted cover to provide optimum support to your body. Furthermore, the 15 layers of the mattress are bound to offer quality sleep. 

The mattress distributes the weight evenly to support your back and spine. The pure sleep-grade foam and cushioning cover will distribute the pressure evenly on the mattress as well as along your body. Additionally, the exclusive air ventilation foam technology regulates the air to maintain perfect body temperature. 

The mattress comes infused with plastic mesh to improve the overall life of the padding layers. Thus, it ensures long-lasting durability and comfort for you in the long run. 


Why should you buy it?


  • 100% pure sleep grade foam
  • Proper air ventilation
  • Redistribution and excellent pressure support
  • 15 layers of comfort
  • 5 years of warranty


Final Thoughts


Choose the right bed that deals more with comfort and convenience than adding springs. Among the three products, the best spring mattress is Durfi Pocket Spring Mattress due to the advanced technology it incorporates. 

Take advantage of their attractive EMI schemes on Durfi Mattress Price with Bajaj Finserv EMI Store to enjoy No Cost EMIs and zero down payments. 

Spring Bed Mattress is ideal for sleepers who sleep on their stomach or heavy to support their body. Some online mattress retailers also provide a trial period to test the mattress and then purchase for ultimate comfort. 

Get reassurance before making a huge purchase, as the mattress is going to stay with you for a long time.  

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