How Much Does The Printed Yoga Mat Cost?

Printed Yoga Mat

Yoga is a practice. It requires commitment and devotion to enjoying the amazing results that you can acquire from daily practising. No wonder that you have taken the right decision to ensure a healthy mind and body, but the first thing that you need is a quality yoga mat. Unless you get a great support underneath, it can result in driving away your attention from practising. 

Therefore before you start practising yoga, you must find a supplier to offer great quality yoga mats. However, if you are looking forward to a printed yoga mat, you must make good research work. You will definitely find quality mats, but when it comes to the price, you must know that a lot of factors matter. If you want to know what those are, then let us have a look. 

  • Material used for the manufacturing:


The very first that will immediately increase the price of the yoga mat is the material used for its manufacturing. Remember that you will find endless choices in the market, some look amazing, but not all that glitters are gold. This is the reason why you have to make sure that you choose the materials properly. Even when you will find a range of mats available at a cheaper price tag, you should be very mindful while buying. 

To be rational, a manufacturer will never be able to offer quality at a very low rate. Since the material cost is itself huge, it will elevate the price tag. Thus, while choosing the material, you must keep fair expectations. Generally, the EVA materials are one of the best quality mats, and hence they are mostly available in a range of price tags. 

If you are looking for a reasonable yoga mats price, MatsHut can be a great choice for you. The diverse range of printed materials they have in their tick can mesmerize you. 

  • Features of the mats:


While you are choosing the yoga mats, you must know that there are some specifications that you have to check while looking for the yoga mat. Besides, these are the factors that add to the price of the mats. Therefore if you are thinking about what these features are, then let’s see: 

  • Anti-skid properties: This is one of the most important characteristics of a yoga mat. You must ensure that the yoga mat that you are planning to buy has the anti-skid property. This again depends on the material you buy. When you choose a material that has a great grip on the floor can ensure that you attain the needs. Remember, the better the property more will be its price. 
  • Correct size: Even when there is a range of sizes present in the market for yoga mats, you must be assured that you are choosing the right supplier. Choosing a reputed supplier who offers the size as mentioned on their website can be valuable for you. Therefore, again size is the factor that has a direct impact on the price. 
  • Proper thickness: There is a range of thicknesses available in the market. Thickness has a direct impact on the price. However, you must choose a thickness depending on your needs. Remember that for the purpose of practice, you need to be very much mindful of the thickness of the mats. Besides, if you have to carry the mats, you should choose the less thick ones as it becomes easier to carry. 


  1. Maintenance of the yoga mats:


You must know that you have to maintain your yoga mats. Since you have to practice on it every day, you should know the way to take care of these mats. Remember, professional maintenance can be very expensive, and hence nothing can be beneficial than having quality yoga mats. 

Therefore, you must buy a mat that can be maintained in a household technique. This will save your professional expense, but this can increase the initial yoga mats price.


  1. Type of prints or designs:


There is a range of yoga mats online that can perplex you to choose one. Therefore the first thing that you need to decide is to find out the prints or designs you need. For a printed yoga mat, you might need to pay more. Start finding out accordingly and keep a realistic expectation. 

Bottom Line: These are some of the most common attributes of a mat that adds to the yoga mats price. However, if you want to enjoy a range of mats, you can have a look at the fantastic assortment of MatsHut. You will simply love the wide range of printed yoga mats in their collection. 


Meta Description: If you are looking for the best printed yoga mat at a reasonable price, you can check the collection of MatsHut. 

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